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Against the backdrop of recurring COVID restrictions and the rapid acceleration of digital shopping, every retailer has had to fundamentally rethink their customer experience.

We all face a common challenge:


In-store customer acquisition has been decimated

How can we acquire the same volume and

quality of customers through digital channels?


In this workshop, we look at each stage in the process to give you practical and proven methods to improve your acquisition effectiveness:

Bringing your best prospects to the site cost-effectively (20 minutes)

more2 are experts in data-centred customer acquisition. We'll look at:

  1. Finding your best prospects and making sure they find you!
  2. Harnessing your customer data in the auctions
  3. Leveraging your product feed for scale and relevance
  4. Balancing your investment across paid search, shopping and paid social
  5. Integrating store transactions into your campaigns
  6. Measurement and planning based on true incremental results
  7. Common mistakes and blockers that harm performance

Delivering the optimal user journey on-site through tailored search and navigation (20 minutes)

We teamed up with site search and customer experience experts Findologic to cover the on-site experience. They talk about:

  1. The importance of Search as a part of UX
  2. The demands of mobile
  3. How Millennials and Silver Surfers are raising overall expectations
  4. The components of the perfect customer journey
  5. How AI can bridge the gap between intent and discovery
  6. Optimising for various intent levels

After 40 minutes, you'll have:

  1. An end-to-end framework to challenge your own digital acquisition paths
  2. A whole host of actionable best practice to apply.

more2 are not just data experts. We are experienced practitioners and performance marketers so our focus is on what actually works and drives more profit to your bottom line.

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