For founders, owners, and board members


"The best presentation of the relationship between the maths and magic of marketing I have ever had."

After the Teach-In you'll be able to:

Use customer economics to set the right marketing budget and build your online sales and marketing plan  

Build a decision-making framework for performance marketing investment and structure your team to achieve better outcomes

Understand why ROI/ROAS measurement can reduce profit and what to do instead


Identify what to measure, what to ignore, and how to avoid common executional errors

The experience of over 200 direct brands distilled into 3 hours
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An incredibly insightful and thought-provoking session which lifts the lid on the ever-more confusing considerations of marketing in an increasingly digital world. The Teach-In is delivered in language that everyone will understand and be able to act on. It cuts through the multitude of digital analytics available, highlighting the mistakes a lot of businesses make and recommending the vital few KPIs you need to focus on to ensure you get the best incrementality out of your marketing spend. 

I’d recommend this session to leaders across all functions in businesses looking to start with the customer and to ensure that their spend decisions are based on facts and insight rather than opinion or the way things have always been done.”   

Neil Anderson (Managing Director, Silentnight) 


“Thank you so much for the Teach-In today. It was BRILLIANT! It was really great to hear your thoughts and approach, everything resonated with me. 

I had to try hard not to shout out ‘YES! That’s it!’ all the time!

I have a list of really useful points that I will be discussing and hopefully applying this year. Thank you so much. I was so grateful for the time. 

Lara Smrtnik (Head of Marketing, Frugi) 


“The CEO Teach-In was the best 3 hours I have invested in a very long time to understand the key drivers within digital commerce and marketing. Industry jargon was demystified, with clear insight into what CEOs and boards should focus on and - just as importantly - what they shouldn’t.”  

Ian Watson (CEO, Hotter Shoes)  


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“Even after spending most of my life in the sector, Kevin’s Teach-In threw up numerous opportunities as well as reinforcing areas I know we should be better at! You do become a little jaded with tutorials but your insight and approach were genuinely top drawer.” 

Ralph Tucker (CEO, Cotswold Company)


“This three-hour session was the best presentation of the relationships between the “maths and the magic” of marketing I have ever had.  It cut through the complexities and showed how organisations can so easily and understandably leave potential unfulfilled.  Furthermore, and just as importantly, it showed the way to achieving clarity, alignment and improved performance.” 

Julian Mash (CEO, Vision Capital LLP) 


“If you are lucky enough to be invited – accept. If you're serious about driving your digital business forward, it will be the most important invitation you will have RSVP’d to and the most valuable! Kevin’s knowledge in his field is exceptional, he takes the time to carefully and informatively disseminate what you think you know and leaves you knowing what you should know! I have learnt more in those three hours than I have in the last three years and the return on time will be invaluable."

Jason Gerrard (CEO, Threadology)


“An excellent and incredibly useful session listening to Kevin’s vast knowledge and experience. Great actionable insights to really transform and help face into challenges in our omni-channel environment.     

Succinct and powerful delivery of a framework to identify what you should be focussing on and why and how to maximise the potential of any digital business. This session truly helped reinforce everything I’m currently delivering in our business and gave me some new takeaways for where to go next!”   

Lesley Gregory (Head of Digital, Vision Express) 

Suitable for all brands, big and small