Shopper Behaviour

How it's changing in Peak 2023 and what that means

Up to the minute analysis including Peak trends - Join us on 7th Dec

Post Black Friday, join us for a 1 hour Zoom Workshop looking in depth at how changing consumer behaviour is driving peak results. Then, we consider the implications for the remainder of the Peak season and 2024 planning. 

Two of our practice experts will share insights freshly built from data across our 100 strong client base up to Sunday 3rd December. 

As buyers continue to be more cautious with their spending, we’ll cross-reference real transactional data with what we’re hearing from the wider market and consider how we apply a customer economics lens to it.

The content will suit marketing managers and above. 

Thu 7th Dec,  Zoom, starting 10am sharp

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A packed 1 hour agenda based on real customer data

Although we're going into Peak in some depth, this is not a typical 'Peak Roundup' - we're also looking at how consumer behaviour is changing over a longer timeframe and the implications for both immediate and longer term planning.

Our focus is on actionable insight and making the connection between customer actions and business profits.

To the right, you'll see some of the topics we'll cover. We're also planning to revisit these stats after the January Sales.

  • Day by Day analysis of peak trends comparing this year vs previous
  • Offer and discounts analysis – timing, level of emphasis on Black Friday, discount levels, channel approach. How did all these affect performance?
  • Marketing efficiency – CPM’s, CPA’s, what's the media inflation impact?
  • Customer economics – we'll recap on how customer economics can direct your marketing decisions, then use this lens to examine recent consumer behaviour
  • How consumer behaviour is changing over a longer time frame and what this means for the next few months
  • What are the top 8 takeaways from this as immediate priorities for your business?