At 18 years old, and having helped over 200 retail brands grow, we are fanatical about the retail industry and feel privileged to be part of it. We think long term, a mindset borne of how we work with our amazing clients – over years, not months. We grow and learn together, and that journey often starts with education: we help founders and boards cut through the noise to understand, and harness, the potential in their customers.

Our learning programmes are one of the most important things we do, which is why we have partnered with the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the trade association for our industry whose members represent 70% of the UK’s retail revenue.

In addition to the structured programmes we’ve developed with the BRC, we run a less formal event for retail leaders called the CEO Teach In. More about these below...


CEO Teach-In with Kevin McSpadden

Founder and CEO of more2

A few times each month, more2 CEO Kevin McSpadden hosts select groups of CEOs, CFOs, and Founders in an online Zoom workshop. These sessions are invitation-only and give board members a rare insight into the strategies used by some of the UK’s most successful retailers. Kevin shares the formula they have in common and explains how you can apply it to your business, as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls he has seen along the way.

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Our Partnership with BRC Learning

The retail industry is wrestling with the combined impacts of COVID and Brexit, as well as increasing disruption from new competitors and technologies. Digital transformation is on everyone’s lips but is more of a journey than a destination. So how do you start tackling the enormous changes needed and make real progress TODAY?

With the BRC, we shared an ambition to build a programme that could help every retailer think more clearly and confidently about their customers. A framework that would improve decision-making and align functions across the business, providing a foundation to transform, centred on the customer.

The course had to be commercial and jargon-free – accessible to people from finance, product, merchandising, HR or other backgrounds because this is not just a marketing problem. Oh, and it needed to use proven techniques used by some of the UK’s most successful retailers as well!

It’s been 18 years in the making and we are excited to announce that our first course is now accepting enrolments on the BRC website. By understanding how customers drive your bottom line, and how digital platforms contribute, you will get ahead of these seismic shifts in consumer behaviour and be where your customers expect you to be.