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more2 is a Facebook Premium Marketing Partner, one of only a handful of Facebook's most advanced agencies. From our own client audits, we see that 80% of retail businesses are damaging their paid social results due to poor setup – we know we can help.


Complimentary Audit and Consultation

After carrying out an expert analysis of your technical setup, campaigns and audience strategy, we will host a half hour online consultation to highlight your opportunities to improve performance. We're offering these complimentary audits because so many brands are unaware that they have problems with their setup. We are prepared to invest our time in your success - is it worth a half hour of your time to get ready for peak? 


To qualify for a paid social consultation, brands must transact over 500 online orders per month and be regularly spending at least several thousand a month on paid social. In the event that we are oversubscribed, more2 will select brands to participate according to potential impact.