Virtual Teach-In: CEOs, Founders, Board Members


Join an intimate Zoom workshop with a handful of CEOs, CFOs, and board members where Founder Kevin McSpadden will share the framework which drives direct brands to success. Attended by over 200 executives to date, including leaders from Boden, Farrow & Ball and Charles Tyrwhitt, the Teach-In will equip you to lead the change in the new world of D2C business.

After the Teach-In you'll be able to:

  • Understand what to measure and what to ignore
  • Ask the right questions of your marketing team
  • Link marketing performance directly to business results
  • Redesign your board pack to drive better outcomes
  • Develop an accurate multi-year growth forecast
  • Better structure and support your marketing organisation

In the current trading environment, pivoting to digital is imperative. This session will equip you to lead this process - sign up today.


Rated by your peers

"The Teach-In has left me buzzing with excitement about what we can achieve with the right guidance, skill and insight by our side. This is an investment in time you won’t regret."

CEO, Cambridge Audio

"The best 3-hour Teach-In that I have had. Rich on insights and actionable content."

Former CEO, Hobbs

“Kevin’s Teach-In is immensely valuable. It challenges the traditional way we have been measuring performance, puts the customer front and centre of all decisions and has prompted us to reassess our performance marketing spend and effectiveness. All in 3 hours. A bravura performance.” 

Founder, Dune London

"Reinforces the high-level thoughts and key measures which often get lost in the day-to-day detail. I've definitely taken lots of learnings away which I can put into place swiftly at Hush." 

CFO, Hush

"Invest 3 hours of your time with Professor McSpadden. Immediately. The return on your time will be invaluable. An insightful, principled, practical tutorial."

Portfolio Chairman of multiple retail brands

"The most comprehensive and insightful 3 hours I've ever had on the challenges we face and opportunities we have in today's multi-channel retail world. I cannot recommend this session enough."

Director, Flavourly

*Please note that Teach-Ins are strictly reserved for board members of established retail and travel brands.

more2 reserves the right to refuse admission.